$8,793 Worth of [Art], Pau Waelder

$8,793 Worth of [Art] is a collection of 159 real and false certificates of authenticity, culled from Sedition, an online platform that sells digital editions of artworks. The title refers to the exact amount that would have been paid if all of the works had been bought as the certificates apparently attest. These documents open up a questioning of the notion of ownership and authenticity in the digital era, as well as the traditional methods of the art market.

165 pages, ebook (PDF), 768 x 1024 pixels

Edition of 100, (1-50 numbered and signed, 51-100 released tokenised on Tezos blockchain)

The first 50 copies were sold directly here, the second 50 are tokenised and available here on Hic et nunc

Collectors of the editions 1-50 may contact us via books@merkske.com to be transferred a corresponding NFT at no cost (otherwise these extra 50 tokens will never be sold or exchanged).

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